What are effective social opportunities for people with mild to moderate cognitive disability in Victoria (Australia)


social work literature review  needs to have references of social work theories and needs to be social work related.  Search and analyse literature that addresses your research question to identify what is already known in relation to your research question. Instructions: Your assignment should be set out under the following bolded headings:   Introduction ·       Introduce topic  ·       State your research question (from Assignment 1). Please revise your question in response to feedback you received rather than just repeating the question you submitted.    Literature search strategy ·       Identify search terms and databases to be searched that enabled you to find relevant literature ·       Identify how many publications you found ·       Identify at least six recent (last 10 years) articles, books or reports that are particularly relevant to your topic and which offer different perspectives. (The material used should represent the current debates in the field and reflect the latest research on the issue).  ·       Explain how you decided which literature identified though the search to focus on in your review (you might decide to use the CRAAP tool introduced in the lecture and at the workshop).   Literature review ·       Identify and provide a critical discussion of three themes or debates in the literature that are relevant to your research question.   Conclusion ·       Summarise the key ideas you have covered in your literature review ·       Explain whether the literature provides answers to your research question.  ·       Identify limitations of literature included in your review (this may be in terms of study quality or how closely studies address your question) and any need for future research.    References Provide a list of references using the APA style. Referencing and formatting should follow APA 6 or 7  Marking criteria (see rubric below) 1.     Comprehensive literature search strategy and identification of relevant datasets – 5 marks 2.     Evidence of ability to synthesise literature, including identifying key themes or debates -20 3.     Ability to reflect on quality and limitations of included studies and implication of the literature review findings for your question – 10 4.     Ability to write clearly and grammatically, reasonably free of typographical and spelling errors, and using APA referencing style guidelines – 5 marks

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