What are factors that may limit a population? Essays | Online Homework Help

Journal Entries

1.What are factors that may limit a population? What factors can affect a human population?

2.What is the difference between a habitat and a niche?

3.Explain the SECONDARY SUCCESSION of Mount St. Helens from the Internet Activity of this lesson.

4.Answer the following prompts:

Reading Assignment – Polar Molecule: Explain why it is important that Water is a POLAR MOLECULE. What does that mean? How does that help us use water on Earth?

Reading Assignment – Groundwater: Explain the impact of pulling water out of the ground faster than it can “recharge.”

Internet Activity: Hydrological Cycle (Water Cycle): Answer these questions in your journal: A) What are the steps of the hydrological cycle? B) Where does your water use go?

5.Ocean Levels: Describe different animals that can be found at each level.

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