What are some of the ways that people pursue happiness?

One thing that unites all humans—despite culture or time period—is the desire to be happy. Since the beginning of Western philosophy, philosophers have been asking the question, “How can I find happiness?” In popular culture, there are articles in magazines, newspapers, and discussions on the Internet and television about the pursuit of happiness.

Using your personal experience and your understanding of the subject of happiness, please answer the following questions and discuss your understanding with other students.

What are some of the ways that people pursue happiness?
Do you believe that happiness can be obtained?
Have you changed your perception of happiness over the years?
Why do you think that people differ in their interpretations of happiness?
Discuss with others what you consider to be an impression of the state of happiness.
Are there any drawbacks to trying to find happiness?
Response needed:

Lets start with the definition of happiness. Happiness is feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

There are a few ways to be happy. First will always be happiness in someone. Whether its love, or having fun.

Happiness can be obtain but the person does need to show it. Whether its a smile or exciting utter/phrase.

There are a lot of perceptions that can change. One example would be if someone lives in a abusive house, there life going forward would not be happy. Another example would be someone living in a house that has full of love and excitement.

Due to reality people think different of interpretations of happiness is about the past. For example the example i said above would be different in every case. If someone was in a abusive home there happiness would be like a regular persons who has been in a one abusive home.

How I think of happiness is eating ice cream. That makes me happy. or to see a couple get married. That brings happiness.

There are always drawback to be happy. For example you are in a relationship and is getting prepared to marry your love one but suddenly a accident happens and you lose that person. It will take time and energy to find happiness again.

Response needed:

I truly believe people pursue happiness in different ways throughout different stages of life. As a child happiness for me was spending quality time with my family or a new time I wanted. As a teenager, happiness for me was becoming independent and having extra privileges. As a young adult, happiness was being on my own, providing for my family and getting hugs from my babies. Now I am in my 40’s, happiness for me is learning about me, spending quality time with my spouse

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