What are the college requirements for the video conferencing software?

Today we deal with closure of schools, colleges and universities across the world because of the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic. Worldwide educators have quickly moved to online platforms and remote education. Shinas College of Technology has formed a committee for this research to find the most reliable video conferencing software which is both student and teacher friendly. Students are also expected to contribute to this research. Everybody knows that Zoom, a video conferencing software has seen a tremendous increase in usage these days, but it is not recommended by many security experts due to privacy concerns. So, Zoom is not included in this research. Shinas College is looking for a software that is cost effective and user friendly. Features that are important include Mobile support, Electronic White board, Chat software, HD Audio and Video, Desktop sharing, File sharing, and also a free trial offer. It should accommodate at least 30 concurrent users at a time.

As a student of SHCT you are responsible for recommending a reliable video conferencing software.

Section 1: Problems and Proposal

What are the college requirements for the video conferencing software?
What are the options available?
What are the criteria for selection?
Provide user rating.
Provide website addresses of the chosen video conferencing softwares.
Section 2: Criteria for Selection

(10 Marks, 20%)

Provide a detailed analysis of the criteria and justify your choice. With citations and references

Section 3: Recommendation (5 marks, 10%)

Which video conferencing software would you like to recommend? Why? With citations and references

Section 4: Anticipated Problems and Solutions (5 marks, 10%)

What problems do you think the college may encounter while using this video conferencing software? What permanent solutions\ actions would you recommend to reduce these problems?


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