What are the key ideas about energy in Biology that students need to know?

1)revies the research paper the topic is Energy in Biology and How Students Understand plese make sure in the same topic student understand energy in biology content

2)i put some note in the file i want from you foux in thes note and sended to me deataling outline befoer you stert

3) i will put the required to this paper

What are the key ideas about energy in Biology that students need to know? You can look at the NGSS framework for guidance (we read portions of it for the course in the fall). You have items II. Types of energy, III. Metabolism, and III. Energy Laws. These can all go under one section of key ideas about energy.

• What do we know about students’ understanding of key concepts about energy? What are the difficulties that students experience when learning about energy? For example, what misconceptions or initial ideas do they have? How do these ideas interfere with their learning? (we also examined this for several weeks in the fall course). You have multiple papers above that seem to address students’ understanding of energy.

• What are some teaching strategies that can help students understand energy concepts? What does the research suggest about these strategies?

please make sure to cover theis in the paper and the final feedback in the file i attached

5) please make sure to add citation

6)please use the same reference

7) i will put 5 days but i want by fridy and the time i will uesi it becouse i well see the docor and wait her feadback

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