What are the most effective ways of promoting human rights?

There are many different forms of human rights work, from litigation (national, regional, or international) to fact-finding to digital advocacy and social media to reportwriting to military intervention. Reflecting on the readings on human rights advocacy as well as other materials from the semester, what are the most effective ways of promoting human rights? The least effective? Does it make a different as to who is doing the work, as Teju Cole seems to suggest with the “white savior industrial complex”? What kinds of costs and benefits are there in doing these types of work?

***All references MUST be to materials from the readings that I WILL PROVIDE once you accept the question. No internet use! Please use parenthetical notation in text – no footnotes – in the form of Author-Date. Then create a Works Cited page with all the readings you have referenced. Your citation format should follow the Chicago parenthetical format.

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