What are traits of good writers?


Option 1 – Tannen, D. (2014). Sex, lies and conversation: Why is it so hard for men and women to talk to each other? In G.H. Muller (Ed.), The McGraw-Hill reader: Issues across the disciplines pp. 117-122. McGraw-Hill. p. 122, “Writing,” Question 3: Writing an Argument: Tannen states, “Once the problem is understood, improvement comes naturally.” Argue for or against this position. First, for this discussion, choose one of the following two readings and answer the associated question (100+ words). Be sure to quote and cite from the reading in your response: Second, consider how the author organized the essay. For instance, look at aspects such as counterarguments, paragraph transitioning, and integrating research. What can you apply, especially when it comes to planning or outlining your paper? Avoid focusing on what the author wrote. Focus instead on how the author wrote. What is one trait this writer demonstrates that you would like to imitate in your own essay? (100+ words) Third, review the three versions of outlines for writing. Explore the merits of each type of outline. Identify which version you believe would most support your intended major writing assignment for this course. (100+ words)

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