What I Think About Race

Please respond to these questions about you by clicking on the “Reply”” button..It will help us get to know each other better. Some of your beliefs will be based on facts, while others may be incorrect assumptions. The purpose of this activity is to examine these beliefs as a group. You are entitled to your own opinions. However, It is not appropriate to make inflammatory or insensitive comments about other groups of people even if you are just “kidding.”Your classmates and I, your prof., will be able to see these remarks. Please type in your answer or copy and paste it in the text box below. No attachments, please.

  1. “What Four Things am I Most Proud of About My Race”
  2. “How My Life Would be Different if I was (African American, European American (Caucasian), Hispanic, Muslim American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, or other. Choose a culture that is not your own.
  3. In education
  4. In my neighborhood
  5. In my religion
  6. In my family life
  7. In the justice system
  8. Other (you decide)
  9. “What role should law enforcement play in racial equality in your community?”
  10. “What can you do to reduce prejudice and discrimination in the world”
  11. One thing I wish everyone would understand when it comes to race in America.


Sample: Let’s say you chose to say how your life would be different If you were Chinese. In that case. . .

a)In education – (how would your life as a Chinese person be different in education?)

b)In my neighborhood – (how would your life as a Chinese person be different in your neighborhood?)

c)In my religion – (how would your life as a Chinese person be different in your religion?)

d)In my family life – (how would your life as a Chinese person be different in your family life?)

e)In the justice system – (how would your life as a Chinese person be different in the justice system?)

f)Other (you decide) – (how would your life as a Chinese person be different in any other way, you choose the way?)

You do not have to research how your life would be different, but you may, if you feel it would help. In this particular exercise, since the class is just starting, it is okay to give an educated guess. 1 to 3 sentences per item is long enough. You may write more but you are not required to do so.

Here is what you need to do to get your 20 points.

  1. Post your own ideas and facts regarding this question – 18 points
  2. Comment on the posting of at least two of your classmates – 1 point each
  3. follow these guidelines for this online discussion
    • All comments should be up appropriate and on topic.
    • All comments should be written in complete sentences.
    • All comments should follow the seven tips.
      • Give a compliment. For example: why is it that what they said was a good idea?
      • Give new information.
      • Make a connection to the writer.
      • Feel free to give advice or suggestions to the writer.
      • Proof read your post and sign your name.
      • If a post already has three comments. You must find another one. Three comments is the maximum for each post.
      • I will give feedback by written response or video. Feel free to do the same for me.
  4. Click on the word “Reply” below to enter your post.


Most often, I will include my comments for essay questions and discussions along with your grade. If you click on the assignment in your “grade book,” you will see an icon next to your total points. Click on that icon to see my comments. Discussion assignments include a rubric. My comments will be there, inside the rubric, next to each of the related questions.


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