What is the author’s central purpose, and primary arguments or central themes?

You will be asked to break the assigned text down in order to assess its main argument, organizational structure and types of evidence it uses (AOE). The only necessary source is the attached reading.

Main argument:What is the author’s central purpose, and primary arguments or central themes? This is the main idea, the main point the author it trying to convey. *Though you are focusing on a few sections you should talk about the article or chapter as a whole here.

Organization: How does the author break up their argument into sections? What are these sections and what does each discuss? Why does the author organize their argument in this way? What purpose does this organizational structure serve? *Since you are focusing on select section(s) of the article you should describe the structure of these sections, how are they broken up within each section. What does the author talk about first, second, third… and why?

Evidence: What types of evidence does the author use (other authors, historical or archival sources, interviews, surveys, participant observation, etc.)? Which specific authors does this author cite and why? How does this evidence support the author’s argument? Do not just list the authors cited, but rather, explain why a few key authors are central and important to this author’s main arguments. If the author uses ethnographic research involving participant observation, or if they use interviewing or surveys, how does this data or evidence support and back-up their argument?


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