What is the maximum plagiarism index score that is acceptable in this course?

Week 3 Discussion

This discussion is all about our plagiarism policy regarding assignments. Please use the policy to support your post and peer response (see Course Info Tab).

Define Plagiarism in your own words.

Is copying and pasting information from the Internet considered “plagiarism?”

What is the maximum plagiarism index score that is acceptable in this course? What is the protocol for unintentional plagiarism? What is the protocol for intentional plagiarism?

Below is peer’s discussion in which I’ll have to provide a response too.

Howard Gilbert

RE: Week 3 Discussion

Hi everyone,

Plagiarism is copying someone else’s writings or words and using them as your own. Copying and pasting information from the Internet is considered plagiarism unless credit to the author is given. This is done by citing the author’s name and give the year the article was written. Once the paper is complete, the source should be listed in order of use and the Web site should be listed as well. The maximum plagiarism index score that is acceptable is 25% and if the plagiarism is deemed unintentional, the student is made aware of it and given another chance to correct and resubmit is at a grade of up to 80%. If the plagiarism id deemed intentional, the student is given a 0 and will be reported to student affairs.


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