What reasons led to your conclusion?

In your post, respond to the questions below. All posts should include citations as you reference the course readings using correct APA format. Answer question 1 and 2 down below. For question one you can do the empiricist approach. The reading article is in the attachment below

Respond to each prompt/ question. It is recommended you follow the organization below to ensure you address all questions.

1. After reading this chapter, do you lean more toward a nativist or an empiricist approach to conceptual development? What reasons led to your conclusion?
2. Discuss one way the information/ research you learned about can be applied to working with children. (response should include citations to module readings/ videos)

What is one lingering question you still have or issue you would like clarified? (not graded as part of discussion board post…just a chance for you to receive clarification on any point of confusion)

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