What sorts of images, social and multimedia appeal to Alicia?

you can open the document first, then you can read it. so you can do question
What sorts of images, social and multimedia appeal to each Teresa
For Alicia segments, Bohemians translations are important, despite their ability to be fairly bi-lingual. Spanish TV programs are viewed consistently by Latinos in the U.S. and a major source of influence for advertising products and services to this segment.
Family is very important to Bohemians, so images of the family around the dinner table, being together, cooking together, sharing a meal together, is very important.
Playing music and dancing together as a family.
Kids dancing together.
Kids playing soccer together
Are short/snappy sentences better than long, verbose ones?
For Alicia segment, short sentences are better, and mixture of Bohemians phrases is important as well.
just only one page it is well.


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