When does digital media cross the line and become an invasion of privacy? Essays | Online Homework Help

Initial Discussion Post: a minimum of 250 words (main post) and two scholarly sources. Please use the attached book as one of the references. Sources need to be scholarly sources from the EBSCO Library only.

When does digital media cross the line and become an invasion of privacy?


Ferrell, O., Hirt, G., & Ferrell, L. (2009). Business in a Changing World. (7th ed.)



Complete Section: a minimum of 1,200 words (Approximately 300+ words per question) and three scholarly sources including the book reference and EBSCO sources. Should Employees use social media sites at work? PAGE 417 & 418 OUT OF THE READ SECTION TO ANSWER THE COMPLETE SECTION.


1.) Why do you think results are so mixed on the use of social networking in the workplace?

2.) What are some possible upsides to utilizing social media as part of an integrated marketingstrategy, especially in digital marketing?

3.) What are the downsides to restricting employee access to social networking sites?

4.) You work for a small company that wants to use social media to increase awareness. However, the CEO is worried that employees might use social media for non-work purposes. the CEO Has charged you with developing a social media policy that employees can reference when using social media in the workplace. Provide a list of recommendations for monitoring and regulating social media use.


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