Why do you feel popularly mentioned and used stereotypes change over time

A stereotype can be defined as a preconceived notion, usually about a group of people. It is a widely held oversimplified image, behavior or idea of a group or people, a type of person, or a thing. Stereotypes and references to them can be seen in all aspects of society. Although the idea of stereotypes has been a part of history for many years, many of the stereotypical ideas have changed and adapted to modern times.

For your assignment, you will focus on modern stereotypes that you see in your culture and environment. You will explain 2-3 different stereotypes that you feel are predominant, and look at them more in-depth. They might relate to technology, behaviors of your generation, or other new themes.

In your 650-750 word essay, respond to the following questions:

Why do you feel popularly mentioned and used stereotypes change over time?
Throughout history, race and gender played a large role in stereotypical designations. Are those still a large issue in society today? Why or why not?
As you learn more about stereotypes and gender/race relations, do you feel that stereotypes are positive or negative to an individual or group? What leads you to that conclusion?
If you use outside resources for your paper, use APA format to cite these sources.


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