Why is academic dishonesty increasing and why are students choosing this route?

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Read ‐ HBR A Framework for Ethical Reasoning
Read ‐ The Cheating Culture: A Global Societal Phenomenon (Business Horizons)

Prepare a substantive essay (25‐30 pages in length – not including the bibliography) using MLA citation format for the paper and your bibliography that addresses the following:

1. Use the framework for ethical reasoning to examine your personal framework on academic dishonesty.
· Be sure to address all elements discussed (am I comfortable with the likely consequences of the action, am I meeting my duties in respecting others rights, and I respecting the community and its norms, and am I meeting my commitments and my company’s commitment).
· When conducting the analysis, consider discussion points from both papers and be sure to reference and cite specific papers accordingly using MLA format.
· Additionally, please refine exhibit one to reflect the appropriate standards of conduct from the perspective of an undergraduate student. Would you expect these standards to change as one matures through the system (i.e. freshman to senior?). If so, prepare separate tables for these areas.
· Finally, consider the point of view of the university faculty and prepare a similar table for faculty with the perspective of course management and student interaction.

2. The Business Horizons article cites several studies that show academic integrity violations are on the rise. However, the paper’s citations are old. Please find more relevant statistics in the literature and discuss their findings and implications towards our academic environment and society as a whole.

3. With the context of the Business Horizons article in mind, discuss the following (include recent articles to support your conclusions)
· Why is academic dishonesty increasing and why are students choosing this route?
· Who are the victims of an academic integrity violation?
· What impacts to academic integrity violations have (short and long term).

4. Find another article relevant to academic integrity (your choice) and discuss its findings and broader implications.

5. As a conclusion to your research, present several ideas on how academic integrity violations could be reduced within the W. P. Carey school of Business and what impact that would have on our students, local business environment, and global environments.

6. Finally, J.K. Rowling’s commencement speech at Harvard was very well received in its discussion on failures, successes, and the importance of imagination. Watch her video here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHGqp8lz36c (allows backtracking) or here:
http://www.ted.com/talks/jk_rowling_the_fringe_benefits_of_failure.html and discuss the following:
· Reflect on your time here at ASU: your successes and your failures. Which have shaped you more and what have you learned from each?
· Reflect on J.K. Rowling’s observations on imagination / collusion / apathy and evil. Do you agree with her statements? If so, what can you do moving forward to ensure a better world. If not, discuss why you disagree and present your own cogent ideas on collusion / apathy and evil.
· Finally, J.K. Rowling cites this quote from Plutarch “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality”. During the time of holding the XE, did you observe any inward changes in yourself? If so, describe what they were and how these changes will affect not only yourself but others.

Note: Use the following link from the OWL (Online Writing Lab at Purdue University) to correctly cite source references in your paper and bibliography:

Harvard Information:
1. A Framework for Ethical Reasoning, by Sandra J. Sucher
13 pages. Publication Date: Jan 29, 2010. Prod. #: 610050‐PDF‐ENG
A practical framework for evaluating the ethical dimensions of a proposed course of action for managers
and executives.

2. The Cheating Culture: A Global Societal Phenomenon
by Victoria L. Crittenden, Richard C. Hanna, Robert A. Peterson
Source: Business Horizons
10 pages. Publication Date: Jul 15, 2009. Prod. #: BH336‐PDF‐ENG


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