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Video 2

This next video clip discusses two cases regarding the Pledge of Allegiance as it would have been recited in the 1930s. The words “under God” were not added until 1954.

Step 1: Print out Handout #4 to follow as you watch the second video clip. Click on the picture to the right to begin the video. After you complete these questions, submit them along with your responses to Handout #1 over the first video clip.

Handout #4: “Viewer’s Guide for ‘A Nation of Liberties’ The Gobitas Children and the Pledge.” Print this handout and complete the questions as you watch Video #2.
Step 2: Use Handout #5 to explore another case concerning the Pledge of Allegiance. This case occurred after the Gobitis case and focused on First Amendment rights. Determine which opinion (A or B) you find most compelling. In a well-developed paragraph, explain why you would agree with that opinion, citing specific parts of the argument. Do you think that the opinion with which you agree was actually the majority opinion of the Supreme Court? Explain why or why not. After you have completed and submitted your response, go to the last page in this unit to find out if you were right.

Handout #5: “West Virginia State Board of Education V. Barnette (1943).” Print this handout and complete steps 1-3. You will not have a partner, but for step 1 you can address any questions to your teacher before continuing on to steps 2 and 3




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