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10 sources: must include AT LEAST ONE of each of the following: 1) article from one of the options below 2) book, 3) Scholarly (peer-reviewed) Journal from a library database, 4) Newspaper, 5) Magazine article. The other 5 may be from websites, blogs, films, songs, personal interviews, articles, or books. You may use more than 10 sources but no more than 15. 2000 words, not including the Works Cited page Correctly formatted Works Cited page including at least 10 sources A strong, well-researched argument that considers both sides of the research question Women and Work Rosenbaum Domestic Economies : Women, Work, and the American Dream in Los Angeles  Research topic  This reading examines the ways that society undervalues work that women do, especially domestic workers and mothers. What are some class differences among women that create issues in the raising of children? What are some racial roadblocks to the American Dream? Does the American Dream exist? Does it apply equally to all people in America? You could also research wage gaps and motherhood, or legal issues in domestic work.

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