Women in U.S. History

This provides a very-brief overview of how women fit into the Colonies and through the history of the United States. The reading will provide you with some important context for understanding the two videos linked below. The first video gives a short history of Alice Paul and her involvement in the American women’s suffrage movement, and how she contributed to its eventual success. The second video provides some context for what life was like for women in the U.S. during the Cold War, and shows the causes and consequences of Second Wave Feminism. Be sure to take notes for the reading and the two videos as you will answer questions about them for the writing.

Alice Stokes Paul the Women’s Suffrage Movement (5 minutes)

Women in the USA ca. 1940s to 1980s (20 minutes)

For the writing, answer the questions below regarding First Wave Feminism (aka the Women’s Suffrage Movement) and Second Wave Feminism, based on the attached reading and videos above:

What is implied by the slogan of the British suffrage activist family, the Pankhursts, “Deeds, not words”?
In what specific ways did the gender understanding of separate spheres limit the rights of American women?
What do you think Alice Paul meant by the term “ordinary equality”?
What people and factors contributed to the appearance of Second Wave Feminism?
Please answer with a numbered list. There are no word count limits or other formatting requirements to this assignment. You don’t have to write long answers, they depend on logic, completeness and understanding of the sources.

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