work-related stress

Melinda has been working for your company for about seven years. She has always performed well in her job, but over the last 12 months her performance has really been slipping. Melinda has an important role in that she prepares advertising and media releases for the company. Lately there have been several instances where the wrong information has been included in media releases she prepared, causing the company financial loss and embarrassment. While she appears to continue to show enthusiasm for her work, the quality of her work has really become an issue. You have had discussions with Melinda about her performance three times, including at her performance review meeting. But no significant changes have been observed. Now, you are planning a serious meeting with Melinda where you will point out the areas of non-performance and advice her development plan.
i) Draft notes/ short meeting speech that you intend to say to her in meeting.
ii) If you think of giving her a warning, list the factors you should keep in mind regarding warning.
iii) If Melinda suffers from work-related stress, then what advise you should give her to remain healthy at workplace?

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