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1. Prepare a five-paragraph biographical essay on a fictional character who lived in a period of your choosing (within the chronological limits of 1401 to present). 2. You may choose your character’s place of birth, gender, ethnicity, religion, class, occupation, and overall personality traits. 3. Your character cannot alter the course of history in any fundamental way. 4. Your character can associate with real people provided they do not alter the people involved. a. Paragraph I (200 words minimum): introduce your character in one paragraph. Create an avatar of your character and explain why you chose the characteristics depicted. Provide historically- accurate and meaningful details regarding your character’s name, date and place of birth, current place of residence, ethnicity, gender, class, and other relevant personal detail and information. Provide historical context of the time period-what did your character dress like, eat, what social class did they ascribe to etc. Justify why you chose this time period, this specific character and why. b. Paragraph II (200 words minimum): Identify one major historically relevant ethical dilemma or moral choice that your character faced in the time period your character is living through. How did the ethical issue impact your character? Examples include how does your gender/social class/occupation/race affect your character’s life. c. Paragraph III (200 words minimum): Analyze one primary source document relevant to the era your character is living in. Is this source reliable for creating your character? Why or why not? d. Paragraph IV (200 words minimum): Explain your character’s cultural background and historical setting: the military/technological, social, political, economic, cultural and global forces that have shaped your character’s life and activities. How does your character fit into the larger narrative of history as a whole through the five themes we have explored in class? e. Paragraph V (200 words minimum): Conclude by stating how your character finished their life and their ultimate legacy. Why did you create this specific character? Are there any connections you can draw to your own life and historical period? Similarities? Differences? Each “Avatar” Signature Assignment Project will meet the following requirements: 1. Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font 2. Your paper must draw from and cite a minimum of 2 secondary and 1 primary source documents. (Only one web site allowed; the rest must be books, periodicals etc.)

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