This paper needs to be Double space, 1-inch margin, use this template because it is in APA format, be sure to double space, Times New Roman , 12 Font. Scholarly Writing a MUST. No Grammatical Terms. No Plagiarism NONE, It MUST BE ORIGINAL WORK. This is a UNIVERSITY DISCUSSION…Please Provide 4 – 5 Biblical References , 3 – 5 additional resources related to the Constitution , Make sure to speak about Marxism and how it is related, Speak on Modernism, Postmodernism, Biblical Christianity Remember to make it relate to society at a biblical standpoint and related to Public Policy Analysis within the worldview affect within American Public policy. Try to speak mainly around Marxism and why it is Imperative to know about within this class MUST PROVIDE A STRONG REFLECTION & BIBLICAL REFERENCE”WRITER MUST BE ABLE TO START IMMEDIATELY 550 words or a little over would be appreciated. PERFECTIONIST, RELIABLE, DEPENDABLE, And EXCEPTIONAL WRITER THAT MUST PROVIDE A DRAFT WITH TURNITIN REPORT & A Final Copy WITH Another TURNITIN REPORT… PLEASE WRITER MUST FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS AND RESPOND EFFECTIVELY TO ALL MESSAGES PLEASE THANKS Writer Must have ALL Required Books… Kraft & Furlong chapter: 4-6 ISBN 978-150-635-8154 And Monsma healing NONE WILL BE PROVIDE This IS A PAPER FOR A WRITER WHO HAS ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE OF POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT> AND HAS THE BEST SYSTEM THAT CHECKS FOR ALL PLAGIARISM …NO MEDIOCRE PLEASE…

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