Write clearly and precisely and respond directly and completely to the question

You must answer any one of the following three questions in a well-crafted essay of 5-6 pages.
Before beginning your work, please read (and re-read) the instruction sheet posted in the
examination folder, and follow those directions as closely as you can.
3- The late Herbert McCabe was fond of saying that ethics is about learning to be good at
being human. This question asks you to consider this claim in light of our contemporary
The recent (and ongoing) CoVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes to our
usual ways of life in service to public health: We’ve been encouraged or required to stay at
home and prevented from gathering. In many places we must wear masks when we leave our
homes, and we’ve all become obsessive hand washers. Businesses are closed, and the
economy has suffered soaring unemployment.
Recently, a number of protests have taken place, calling for businesses and public places to
reopen and restrictions on where we can go and what we can do to be lifted. These protests
invariably justify themselves by claiming that public health measures deprive them of
essential personal freedoms.
Based on what you’ve learned this semester about what it means to be a good human3, write
a well-crafted essay responding to the protestors’ claim that public health measures that
restrict individual freedom are unjust and should be resisted or ignored.
In crafting your essay, focus on the particular question being asked.
Please do not cite sources from the internet other than the two that are posted on the
Moodle page.
The instruction
write 5-6 pages. Your responses should be typed in a 12-point font and should be doublespaced with standard one inch margins. Here are some important things to keep in mind as
you prepare your examination:
– Carefully read and re-read these instructions, and then read and re-read each of the
questions. Write clearly and precisely and respond directly and completely to the
question/prompt. Attend especially to the verbs in the questions, such as “explain,” “defend,”
“apply,” or “analyze.”
– The examination questions are synthetic – they ask you to think broadly about the
course and to make connections from across its entire breadth. Craft your answers with
sufficient detail to show me that you know the relevant course material beyond what’s on the
PowerPoint slides. Every semester, students write responses that are vague, superficial, or fail
to engage course texts and ideas (the technical term for this is “half-assing”), and every
semester, students are unpleasantly surprised when they see that their course grade is lower
than they anticipated. Don’t let this be you.
– Two of the questions invite you to consider particular texts. There are hyperlinks to
those texts in the “Final Examination” section of the Moodle page.
– The examination is open-book and open-note, and you are free to use any of the
assigned (required or recommended) readings, including material we may not have covered
directly in class. If there is something you’ve read or learned in another course (or on your
own) that you feel will be helpful in writing your answer, you may use it so long as it is
relevant to your response to the question. If there are words in a question that you do not
understand, I recommend you consult the OED. Unless otherwise noted in a particular
question, you should not use any other sources, including sources from the internet, to
formulate your answers.
– Avoid plagiarism in all its forms. This is a Turnitin® assignment, meaning that if you
plagiarize you run a high risk of being found out. If you quote or paraphrase published
material, be certain to cite it using any of the accepted forms of academic citation (You do not
need to cite me, but if you quote any of the PPt slides—which you should do sparingly—you
do need to cite quotations from other authors). A bibliography/works cited page is
unnecessary. If I discover you have plagiarized, you will receive a ‘0’ (zero) on the examination
and be reported to the Academic Integrity Officer.
– Although I will not deduct points from your grade simply for errors of grammar,
punctuation, or spelling, you should still do your best to write clearly and precisely. If I cannot
understand what you are trying to say, I cannot credit you for whatever ideas you may or may
not have. You are free to utilize the services of the Writing Center in preparing your answers.
You may also ask a friend to read your answers or listen to them being read to get another
perspective on your writing. By all means, proofread your work before submitting it.
– Given the nature of this exercise, I will not review drafts before submission. I will,
however, do my best to answer informational questions or questions of clarification about
anything you may not understand fully.


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