Written Language Analysis Project


Overview: The purpose of this project is to apply your knowledge of morphology, syntax, and semantics to analyze emergent bilingual learners’ written language samples for English language development. You will work independently to analyze a written language sample from an English language learner for knowledge and development of (a) morphology, (b) syntax, (c) semantics. You will use relevant linguistic terminology (that you have learned from course readings, in class, and from your own research) to explain what you notice, and include attention to both strengths and weaknesses (i.e., comment on both what the student does correctly and aspects that the student is still developing). Content: You will complete table examples of the accomplishments and challenges of an individual’s morphology, syntax, and semantics. The table consists of Part A and Part B for these three areas. In Part A, you will analyze and describe what the writing sample shows us about the learner’s English language development and knowledge of each language subsystem (e.g., morphology, syntax, semantics). You will identify and describe five accomplishments and three challenges for each subsystem. In Part B, you will refer back to each “Challenges” section from Part A and highlight one that you will analyze and discuss in greater detail. You will be referring to the following chapter Wright, Chapter 3: Language Learning and Teaching (p.48-55). Tasks: Type or copy and paste your ELL’s writing sample at the top of your fill-in table. Do not correct any of the grammar errors – keep the sample as is (remember that spelling mistakes are not part of morphology, syntax, or semantics). Analyze and note down examples of correct and incorrect (1) inflectional and derivational morpheme usage (i.e., words parts), (2) syntactical usage (i.e., sentence and prepositional, verb, and noun phrase order and organization), and (3) semantic (i.e., word choice) examples. Completing the linguistic workshop in module 7 will help you with these tasks since you will have received feedback from the instructor. Complete the fill-in table with your answers. Formatting: The table should be completed using Times New Roman font, size 12.

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