You will prepare and present a personality analysis of your choosing.

Choose a person to analyze. This can be a historical figure, a famous person (politician, celebrity, musician), or a fictional character from a book or other media. Just be sure you have enough information on this person’s personality and background to fully analyze them.
Describe this person’s personality in detail using language and concepts from the humanistic perspective.
Analyze this person from both Abraham Maslow’s humanistic perspective and Carl Rogers’s humanistic perspective. In other words, explain how this person’s personality would be described by each of those theorists. Explain how their personality developed the way it did, from Maslow’s and Rogers’s perspectives.
If the person you described experiences psychological issues or psychopathology, explain how humanistic theory can be used to restore a state of health and psychological well-being to the person. In other words, if they suffer from anxiety, depression, or other disorders, how would humanistic theorists like Maslow and Rogers help them overcome those disorders?

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