Zimbardo Stanford Prison Study


For each summary, you need to choose one of the studies to summarize, including a description of the research problem, the theory being tested, the methodology of the study, the findings, and why the study was important for the study of psychology. Each summary must be at least four typed double-spaced pages.. Be careful about plagiarism – it will not be tolerated. You will automatically receive a grade of zero for the assignment and stricter sanction may be pursued (see section on plagiarism in syllabus). Make sure to meet all the above requirements for full points. There will be a folder in the information section on Blackboard containing the studies that you can choose to summarize. Grading (10 points total for each summary) The Research experience is worth 15% of your final grade. Each paper will be graded on the following: 1. Ability to describe : a. the problem (1 point) – the question they are asking b. The theory being tested (1 theory) – what is the psychological theory they are testing c. The methodology (2 points) – what did they do and who did they do it with? d. The findings (2 points) – what was the outcome? 2. Ability to describe why study was important to the field of psychology (2 point) 3. The use of appropriate spelling and grammar (2 points)

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